2024 Friday Knight Tournament

The 2024 Friday Knight Tournament is going to take place on Friday, July 12, 2024, at 7:30 PM Central Time.

2022 Weekly Friday Knight Tournaments Winners

Starting in May 2022, Chess In Action will no longer provide prize for this online tournament. The online tournament will continue and everyone is welcome to participate. For detailed instructions, please see below.


First Place: Lawrencelikesdog (total score 29)

First Place: Doodlydoo999 (total score 33)

Please email chessinaction@gmail.com to claim your prize. Please include player’s offical name, your state and your Zelle information.

First Place: ellerylikesdog (total score 28) – Ellery Zhang, TX

2022 Weekly Friday Knight Tournaments

Starting January 14, Chess In Action will be hosting weekly online tournaments. Please come to play, enjoy and learn!

Dates/Time: EVERY Friday at 19:30 (7:30pm) US Central Time, starting January 14, 2022

Format: 15 minutes + 0 second increment, 3 rounds, Swiss System

Rating Range: Recommended for Under 1800, but open to all players

How to join:
1. Create a free Chess.com account if you don’t already have one.
2. Join “Chess In Action” club here (or by clicking: https://www.chess.com/club/chess-in-action-1 ) and select Join
3. 10 or 15 minutes before the tournament starts, login to Chess.com, choose Play 🡪 Live Chess. On the right top, under the tournaments tab, you will see “Upcoming”, select “Chess In Action Friday Knight Tournament”. You must click the orange “Join” button to join the tournament. Don’t leave once you join. Otherwise, you won’t be paired up.

4. You should see your name on the players’ list
5. Once it is time, chess.com will automatically pair you up.
6. If you are late, you can still join. But you will take a bye for the rounds you missed. The same thing, you can leave early and take a bye.
7. A Bye in Chess.com is a zero-piont bye. There is no half-point bye.

2021 Online Tournaments

Chess In Action is hosting 3 online tournaments over the Christmas break and everyone is welcome!

Dates/Time: December 26, December 28, and December 30, 2021, all at 2:00 PM US Central Time

Format: 15 minutes + 0 second increment, 3 rounds, Swiss System

Rating Range: recommended for USCF U1500, but open to all players

Review Sessions are held on zoom from 4:00-4:45 PM CST on the same day of the tournament. Please send your games to chessinaction@gmail.com, first come first serve. Review sessions are open to everyone.

To join, you will need to create a free Chess.com account and join “Chess In Action” here. Please turn on notifications so you do not miss our event announcements!

2020 Online Tournaments

Chess In Action is hosting online tournaments each Saturday at 4:00 pm US Central Time! We hope that these events will offer a space for everyone to keep up their chess skills and find time to practice each weekend.

Details: Two tournaments (Open and U1200 sections); G10 + 5, 3-round Swiss.

To join, you will need to create a free Chess.com account and join our group here. Please turn on notifications so you do not miss our event announcements! This Thanksgiving weekend (after the tournament on 11/28), we are inviting players to submit a game for review! We will be conducting a game review session that all players will be invited to join.

Support Our Heroes Fundraiser Tournament

On May 1, 2020, we sucessfully organized a very lively online tournament as part of this fundraiser event. We appreciate the participation of many strong Grandmasters, International Masters, and titled players in supporting our cuse, including: GM Jeffery Xiong, GM Aleksandr Lenderman, GM Andrey Gorovets, GM Elshan Moradiabadi, GM Andrew Tang, GM Ruifeng Li, GM Aleksandr Lenderman, WGM Annie Wang.

Altogether, 76 players participated in the Open section, which was topped by GM Jeffery Xiong and GM Ruifeng Li at 8/9 (Xiong won on tiebreaker). FM Josiah Stearman finished close behind with 7/9. In addition, 38 players participated in the U1500 section.

We are grateful for the efforts of US Women’s Champion WGM Jennifer Yu and IM Andrew Hong, who hosted a live commentary stream on Yu’s Twitch channel @JenniferRYu. In addition, we appreciate the U1500 section’s live commentary provided by CM Michael Zheng, NM Arthur Xu, and Donald Johnson on Zheng’s Twitch channel @SavageZerking.

A huge thank you to all the participants, donors, and volunteers who made this event possible!